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Years of Experience

Accidents are inevitable, even at work. Slip and falls, injuries caused by falling objects, occupational disease and collisions are some of the many different types of accidents that can happen in the workplace. If you were involved in a workplace accident, call our firm on Long Island for legal representation. Since 1978, we’ve represented countless clients with their workplace injury cases, ranging in all severities of injury types and causes.

One possible ailment to happen on the job is an occupational disease.  An occupational disease occurs as a result of a worker being exposed, usually over a period of time, to specific types of repetitive work conditions. A few examples of this are hearing loss due to repetitive loud noises in the workplace, lung diseases from exposure to asbestos, dust or other types of physical injuries due to repetitive motions on the job.

No matter what industry you work in or how you were injured, we will gather as many details as we possibly can to ensure we have a strong case and that you get the compensation you deserve. High medical bills, lost income, and other consequences can result from your work accident, but they don’t have to.

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